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Bodagas Matarromera, a pioneer in the non-alcoholic wine trend

Spain is famous for wines. Now even more famous for pioneering the non-alcoholic wine production thanks to Bodegas Matarromera. Carlos Moro –“El Maestro” started researching non-alcoholic wine production in the early 2000’s. Carlos was contacted by an Australian company who wanted them to test their new spinning cone technology to reduce the alcohol volume of wine by 1%. Carlos envisioned that he could take this machine much further, and so started an ambitious R&D project that took him 5 years, to be able to improve the machine and the process, with the goal to reduce the alcohol volume to its minimum. In 2008 Bodegas Matarromera first launched a line of de-alcoholised wines at a little over 0.5%. Carlos continued to...

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