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Our story

Drawing on my Spanish heritage, my deep-seated appreciation for fine food and wine has been an integral park of my identity since birth. Residing in Sydney has afforded me the opportunity to indulge in the exceptional produce and sample the exquisite wines produced in Australia.

Like many of my peers, I've been known to overindulge on occasion. However, with six-year-old, two teenagers, and a passion for surfing, I can no longer afford to suffer through a weekend hangover. For several years, I've been searching for an alternative that would enable me to relish the delightful taste of wine while reaping the benefits of abstaining from alcohol in my daily diet.

Initially, I attempted "Dry July" and "Sober October" to test my willpower. Along the way, I stumbled upon a few non alcoholic beers that I enjoyed, but all the non alcoholic wines failed to meet my expectations. At best, it tasted like fruit juice, lacking body and depth, and therefore, failing to complement a juicy cut of barbecued beef. I wished for non alcoholic red, white, and sparking wines that matched the flavor of their alcoholic counterparts.

In 2018, during a visit to Spain, I discovered precisely what I had been seeking. I encountered a alcohol free, alternative wine with genuine texture and rich complex flavor profiles that rivalled even the heartiest roast or the most delicate grilled fish. Non alcoholic wines that that can be relished and savored without restriction. Weather consuming regularly or on special occasions, I can assure you that VinZero offers authentic, full-bodied flavors.

  Paul, VinZero Founder 

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I want to help educate people that there are options when it comes to drinking and socilaising. That people can enjoy full flavoured drinks and feel part of. To be able to have a favourite red to take to your favourite steakhouse, or the tastiest sparkling on the planet, at your next celebration and still drive home. To be able to wake up at 5am for your morning walk or sunrise surf and be at your full potential.

Show me the stats

*Since 2001, Australians have been abstaining from alcohol in record numbers, 15.5% of adults in 2001 to 21% of adults in 2019.

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More Australians are giving up alcohol — between 2016 and 2019 the number of ex-drinkers in the population rose from 1.5 to 1.9 million Australians.

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21% of 18 to 24 year olds and 24% of 25 to 29 year olds don’t drink, and both those figures have more than doubled since 2001.

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