Living your best alcohol-free life with VINADA®

This innovative Dutch company has blown our minds. VINADA® is not your traditional non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

Meet Jess. She was fed up with having no real option at a party or in a bar, so she created her own. It took many years in the making but VINADA® was born out of a passion and pure craftmanship from a quest to offer a good alternative. A glass of wine for everyone. A healthier option that guarantees flavour, quality and experience.

VINADA® uses a dealcoholisation process which retains most of the wine’s original aromas and taste. Their grapes come from Spain and France and are produced and bottled in super stylish packaging in The Netherlands to deliver a fashionable, festive bubble. Low in calories & vegan, yet full of style and attitude to celebrate life’s achievements or to pop on occasion, really!

Love life, love fun, love fearlessness, love VINADA®. Celebrate and take care of yourself with the World’s Favourite Bubble!