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A delicious vegan non-alcoholic sparkling wine! A conscious option - and with only 22 kcal per 100ML, it will be less on the hips.

With its origin in the Spanish wine-growing region La Mancha, the VINADA® Rosé is made from a unique mixture of Tempranillo grapes. This sparkling wine tastes great, as the bubbles titillate and refresh your senses. Very suitable for moments when you fancy a glass of wine and you, for whatever reason, won’t, can’t or shouldn't drink any alcohol. Vinada's Tinteling Tempranillo provides you the tasteful and festive alternative. 

ORIGIN: La Mancha, Spain

AROMA: Red fruit (strawberry, redcurrant, raspberry)

CHARACTERISTIC: A fruity, dry wine with nuances of red fruit. The Rosé has a refreshing taste, contains fine bubbles, a harmonious acidity and subtle tannins.

AVAILABLE IN 750 ml & 200 ml



The first international sparkling wine with a spark yet without alcohol! 

VINADA turns non-alcoholic wine into a cool and conscious experience. The idea was born out of the desire to offer a good alternative. A glass of wine for everyone. A (healthier) option that guarantees flavour, quality AND experience. 

That’s because they use a dealcoholisation process which retains most of the wine’s original aromas and taste. And curated a festive bubble to celebrate.

It has an impressive balanced flavour and compared to other non-alco wines, provides a superior taste experience. And with half the calories ...on the lips but not on the hips.


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