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Bach Brewing All Day IPA to Hit Dan Murphy’s Shelves In NSW & VIC

In exciting news for beer enthusiasts, New Zealand's Bach Brewing Co’s infamous award-winning product, “All Day Non-Alcoholic IPA”, is set to be available on shelves at Dan Murphy’s across NSW and Victoria from June 2023. This marks a significant milestone for Bach Brewing Co, landing their first major retailer in Australia. Bach Brewing Co has been gaining recognition for its exceptional range of craft beers from full strength to alcohol free. The All Day IPA has become a particular fan favorite. Until now, this beloved brew has been limited to select regions, tantalising the taste buds of New Zealand locals fortunate enough to have access. Bach Brewing along with VinZero aim to expand its reach and make the All Day...

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WIN TEMPRANILLO (non-alcoholic)

Red wine without alcohol, vegan and without guletn, made from red wine of the Tempranillo variety.Elaboration of non-alcoholic red wine with medium maceration. Subsequent extraction of ethyl alcohol using a sophisticated method that is highly respectful of the product. Excellent flavor, low in calories and sugars. It can be consumed by pregnant women, children, drivers, infants ...TASTING NOTES:Visual phase: intense cardinal, clean and brightOlfactory phase: frank, complex nose, with an important presence of red fruits and berries.Taste phase: pleasant mid palate with an interesting skeleton of sweet tannins. PAIRING: Remember to serve it very cold. Perfect for pizzas, appetizers, cheeses and all kinds of meats.

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