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SEA ARCH (Best Non-Alcoholic GIN)

Bursting with seaside botanicals and as uplifting as a walk on the beach, Sea Arch is a delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic gin alternative. It really is more beautiful without. With purity of flavour and served with a real sense of occasion Sea Arch captures the true alcohol-free spirit of the Devon coast. The Story of Sea Arch Sea Arch is crafted using traditional distillation techniques. It is created with complex, natural botanicals such as sea kelp, samphire, cardamon and blood orange. But then the alcohol is gently removed to create a grown-up, alcohol-free spirit. Sea Arch can be enjoyed with a clear head, a clean conscience and – always – plenty of ice. It’s delicious with tonic (we call it...

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WIN TEMPRANILLO (non-alcoholic)

Red wine without alcohol, vegan and without guletn, made from red wine of the Tempranillo variety.Elaboration of non-alcoholic red wine with medium maceration. Subsequent extraction of ethyl alcohol using a sophisticated method that is highly respectful of the product. Excellent flavor, low in calories and sugars. It can be consumed by pregnant women, children, drivers, infants ...TASTING NOTES:Visual phase: intense cardinal, clean and brightOlfactory phase: frank, complex nose, with an important presence of red fruits and berries.Taste phase: pleasant mid palate with an interesting skeleton of sweet tannins. PAIRING: Remember to serve it very cold. Perfect for pizzas, appetizers, cheeses and all kinds of meats.

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